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EA-Link System is pleased to announce the immediate availability of BRASSTAX Corporate v1.91.0.0.

Installation instructions

NOTE: Before performing these instructions it is usually a good idea to perform a backup.  This can be done by using the Backup Facility under the HouseKeeping option in BRASSTAX:

1. Ensure that there are no users currently using BRASSTAX.

2. Press the Shutdown button on the BRASSTAX License Server (If the License server is not visible, please start the license server, and then press the shutdown button)

3. Run the BRASSTAXCorporatev191000Setup.exe

4. Once the Setup is complete, please restart the License server

5. You should now be able to restart each of your BRASSTAX Clients and the system should detect that the workstation needs to be updated.  If the detection does fails to occur, please run the BRASSTAXClientSetup.exe from the workstation that is located on your server.


If you have problems installating the update please contact us on (03) 8689 0180.  Please also have available the log file (e.g. Ver190010_191000.log, InstallUpdateLog.txt, VerifyRepair.log,etc) that you will find on your server i.e. where you are installing the upgrade into.  In order for us to be able to help you, it may be necessary you may also be asked to email these files to us at support@ealink.com or chat with us at skype id brasstax.support



Changes to Brasstax Corporate



The tax allowance rate for asset claiming incentive was set to 0



Support the computation of exemption based on increase in Chargeable Business Income based on the formula published by LHDN under Form C Nota Penerangan.  Users are required to arrive at the Statutory, Aggregate and Chargeable Income as per the guideline provided by the LHDN.


Added new schedule "Computation based of exemption based on increase in Chargeable Business Income" on the formula published by LHDN under Form C Nota Penerangan.


Update Public Ruling


Interest Restriction Monthly Schedule was printed as portrait instead of landscape

 To download the latest version, please click at here and navigate to My Product & Service.



The BrassTax Team

Monday, October 16, 2017

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